Il y a un certain temps que j'ai mis des attrape-rêves sur mon site. Et… je ne m'aperçois que maintenant que je ne vous ai jamais parlé de la légende ! Eh bien, voilà qui est corrigé ! Il existe de nombreuses légendes autour de l'attrape-rêve. Pour ma part, c'est celle des Sioux Lakota qui me parle et c'est celle que je vais vous raconter.

The Sabbath of Imbolc

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Tomorrow, wiccans and neopagans will celebrate Imbolc: A Celtic celebration that announces the beginning of spring, the awakening of the earth and the moment to plant new ideas and projects. Come and learn more about this ancestral festival that you may be celebrating without even realizing it
Why do Sioux tribes particularly like eagle feathers? You've never asked yourself the question? well, now you are. I invite you to come and discover the answer, it's all in a tale
As you now know, my creations are often accompanied by legends. I will look for these in the confines of the Internet or libraries. My creations are based on stories from all over the world. Today, however, I will tell the story of a French mermaid

The magic of Yule

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In this winter night, I wanted to share with you the magic of Yule. I wanted to explain why so many people, around the world, celebrate the winter solstice
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