• Noble by essence, true king of the forest, the Deer is sometimes Merlin metamorphosed, sometimes the messenger of the invisible world, sometimes the companion of the Celtic god Cernunnos.So follow the shout of the Deer. Take a little bit of the forest into your life

    25,00 €
  • Huginn and Muninn are Odin's crows. Their names mean, respectively, Thought and Remembrance. Here, they fly around the sacred tree, the famous Yggdrasil. Above them, find the Icelandic compass symbol surrounded by a runic sentence. Will you be able to understand it?I painted this motif in homage to the northern myths, which are very refreshing in the summer.

    30,00 €
  • These earrings are created in the colours of autumn. They are light and airy like leaves flying in the wind. They are entirely hand-woven and are equipped with faceted beads to catch the light. The orange colour and delicacy of these earrings will perfectly match all your outfits.

    20,00 €
  • Behind its black appearance, hematite is actually red, thanks to the iron it contains. It is a revitalizing stone.I called this bracelet "Brocéliande" in homage to this beautiful forest of the Breton territory. There are also some areas there where the water turns red. Some say that it is the blood of fairies that colours the water, others say that it is...

    40,00 €
  • I love the moon and I think the roses are beautiful. So it made sense to link these two elements together to make a nice T-shirt, didn't it? The result? It's there. A moon made of roses painted on an organic cotton T-shirt and only on order, because responsible fashion is always a plus.

    30,00 €
  • Majestic, chestnut trees were for centuries the food, the roof and the means of heating for the inhabitants of southern Europe. They protect their secret fruits from an envelope spiked with sharp spines.What if the chestnut trees hide other secrets? What if, lurking under their gnarled roots, there was their treasure? A magical jewel created with the...

    55,00 €
  • Malachite is a stone of protection and change: it helps to initiate self-transformations, thus promoting risk taking and change.During a period of introspection and great cleansing, malachite is the perfect stone to dare to write a new page in our lives.Unique ring

    30,00 €
  • The unicorn is a mythical creature that symbolizes strength, purity, power, longevity and nobility. It also represents the divine present in each being. But... the unicorn is fragile and shy. Moreover, she has long since decided to stay away from humans. So much so that now we are nothing but myths to these magnificent wild creatures.

    30,00 €
  • The little people, or fairy people, are well known to be both festive and warlike. We know that these beings are often adorned with deceitful innocence. Today, I suggest you let yourself be seduced by a fairy warrior who is both sensual and dangerously armed.

    67,50 €
  • This motif is painted on the principle of the magic of sigils. It is a protective talisman created with the assembly of Nordic runes and linked to the famous Valknut, one of Odin's symbols. All framed by a crescent moon filled with zentangle for a tender and loving atmosphere.This tank top, painted by freehand, exists in only one copy.

    35,00 €
  • Did you know that amethyst is, among the Celtic peoples, considered as THE stone of the druids? Once you learn this, it made sense to give this bracelet the name of a legendary druid. And yes, the one you know as Merlin calls himself Merzhin here in Brittany

    40,00 €
  • Amazonite Black Dream is a bracelet woven around the Amazonite of Brazil. This stone promotes inner peace. It helps to tame and calm feelings of negativity and anger. The bracelet is also adorned with real silver beads, to highlight the weaving and gemstones.

    40,00 €

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