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Here, discover small series of T-shirts illustrated by me for all


  • Women's organic cotton...

    Here you will find 100% organic cotton T-shirts, painted especially for you ladies. Let yourself be carried away by the poetry and magic of the motifs you will find here.

    Each of the pieces proposed here is hand painted, with care and love. In addition, you can customize your T-shirt by choosing the main color of the pattern. So don't hesitate for a second!

    Remember, you are unique, you deserve a unique piece.

  • Women's Tank Tops

    Tank tops are highlighted in this section. They are painted to order, with attention and love of a job well done, to ensure you of their unique character. After all, you're not silkscreened, neither are these tank tops!

    Don't forget, you are you, you are unique, you deserve a unique piece.

  • Men's organic cotton...

    For you gentlemen, I have 100% hand-painted organic cotton T-shirts because you deserve to stand out, to show your originality and to scream to the face of the world who you are.

    Each T-shirt is hand painted. The colors of the patterns are customizable.

    Do not hesitate any more. Wear your colours high, be yourself because you are unique

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Showing 1 - 12 of 25 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 25 items