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Here, discover small series of T-shirts illustrated by me for all


  • T-shirts coton bio...

    Because fashion can be ecological and responsible, you will find here 100% organic cotton T-shirts, hand painted and only made to order.

    I offer my designs on T-shirts for Men, Women or Children with a customization of colors.

    You are unique, you deserve a unique piece.

  • Women's Tank Tops

    Tank tops are highlighted in this section. They are painted to order, with attention and love of a job well done, to ensure you of their unique character. After all, you're not silkscreened, neither are these tank tops!

    Don't forget, you are you, you are unique, you deserve a unique piece.

  • Unique pieces

    Here you will find textiles, T-shirts or tank tops, created in one piece. These are designs drawn by freehand and that I will not reproduce, in order to preserve a very unique character to these pieces.

    Want to wear your difference? You like the design and the size is the right one? So don't hesitate for a second!

  • The long-sleeved

    Men's and women's cotton T-shirts with long sleeves. They are painted only on order and therefore, for your greatest pleasure, customizable on request.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 18 items
Showing 1 - 9 of 18 items