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  • Who am I ?

    Lunesia, it's me, Cindy Druelle. This is the pseudonym I have been using for many years on the Internet, but also to sign many of my drawings.

    I am what it would seem, and without any pretense, a creator in the soul. As far back as I can remember, I have always felt the need to create: drawing, painting, sculpture, jewellery... my hands had to be busy, give life to something. So I made, I drew, often just for myself, sometimes to offer. When I don't create, I feel like I'm incomplete. So, at 41 (yes, it's true!), I decided that life was too short to live it only halfway and... well, that I wanted to be whole, to be me and share it with the whole world.

    So I decided to take my courage with both hands and leave a charming, safe and tidy little job. I then rolled up my sleeves and found myself ready to share with you my dreams, my aspirations, my humour, my loves and my creations. In fact, I would like to point out that my creations are also yours.

  • About the brand

    Lunesia-Créations is a brand that aims to be bold, humorous and human. In creating Lunesia-Créations, I first of all thought about what we are all looking for: to stand out from the crowd. We are often looking for this little something that will bring out our originality, creativity and colours.

    For these reasons, with the Lunesia-Créations brand, you are assured of having:

    •     Artisanal products that are sometimes similar and never the same
    •     Freehanded paintings on textiles, no more silkscreen printing
    •     Jewellery woven in unique designs
    •     Decoration objects that will not be made twice in the same way.