The legend of the amethyst
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The legend of the amethyst

One stone, several legends

A Roman version

After the wine he had invented and which he "honoured" copiously and frequently, the god Bacchus loved the songs and above all, that of the nymph Amethyst with her sweet voice. Crazy with love and sixteenth notes, he decided to marry her and, without further thought, went to ask his father Jupiter, his beautiful daughter's hand and throat.
Bacchus, le dieu légendaire du vin et de l'ivresse, créateur de l'améthysteBut Jupiter, the master of the gods, hated misalliances, knowing that most of the time these common couplings caused disastrous unions in the long run.
However, from experience, he also knew that to oppose a categorical "no" to Bacchus (whose angry character too often impregnated with drink destroyed the harmony of Olympus) was not the right way. Jupiter preferred to use deception, a way of using it from time to time when he wanted to settle a dispute.
One day when the beautiful Amethyst was cooing like a nightingale for her lover's ecstatic pleasure, Jupiter made a nonchalant gesture of lightning bolt on the beautiful child who found herself completely petrified. And this word is not a figure. The nymph had indeed become a stone, an ugly stone, whose rough appearance caused tears of despair and pity to flow from Bacchus' eyes.
Bacchus was not foolish and he soon realized that crying does not solve anything. Clever, cunning and a half, he thought to himself. His father made the most beautiful nymph a common stone? He would turn her into a sparkling woman! Raising his crown of grapes from his head, he chose the most beautiful bunch with transparent and pinkish grapes, pressed it in his hands, crushed it and with the perfumed juice flooded the stone, coloured it, refined it, so much so that the stone became clear and the most delicate violet...
It remained to be blessed. Bacchus did so solemnly:
"Amethyst, beautiful Amethyst, I want you to continue to be sought and appreciated by mortals in the form that Jupiter's wrath inflicted on you. Since you have become a stone, from now on be the stone of lovable virtue, the symbol of heavenly power. I want all those who carry you to be able to drink while remaining wise, and to be spared the intoxication and pain caused by the sweet fruit of the vine. I said,"
And from that day on, the amethyst became the emblem of temperance as well as spiritual power.

Henriette Védrine: Hidden powers and the magic of precious stones

Dionysus, god of wine and drunkenness, was quenching his thirst in the forest when a mortal passed by whoNymphs and Satyre picture of William Bouguereau refused to pay his respects. The insult was such that it caused the wrath of the god who swore, in order to wash away the offense, to take revenge on the first person he met.

The young and beautiful Amethyst came to cross her path on her way to Diana's temple. When Dionysus saw her, he ordered his tigers to devour the girl.

As he was preparing for the show, Amethyst begged the Goddess to come to his rescue. She then transformed her young faithful into a magnificent white quartz crystal, protecting her from the raging tigers.

Wrathful and frustrated by this miracle, Dionysus then threw his wine cup at the Amethyst statue. The Quartz absorbed the color of the liquid creating the stone that we now call Amethyst "the Stone of the Gods".

This is how this stone acquired the power to heal alcoholism and escape intoxication.

Article inspired by the Amethyst article: History and virtues of Emmanuelle Guyon, a very beautiful article.

I hope you enjoyed these little legends. Besides, do you know any other variations of the legend of the amethyst? If so, tell me about them in commentary;)

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