How did the crows get black as soot?
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How did the crows get black as soot?

A long, long time ago, when the earth and its inhabitants were still young, crows were all as white as snow. In those ancient times, men had no horses, guns or metal weapons. But they depended on buffalo hunting for food and survival.

It was difficult, uncertain and dangerous to hunt bison on foot, with stone-pointed weapons. Crows made things even more difficult because they were friends of the buffalo. They would go very high up in the sky, corbeau pour cabochonabove the prairie, from where they could see everything that was happening. Every time a hunter approached a herd, the crows flew to their friends and perched between their two horns, they warned them:

"Croa, croa, croa, croa, dear cousins, here come hunters. They're crawling into the ravine over there. They're behind that hill. Attention! Croa, croa, croa, croa!".

When they were heard, the buffalo would run away at a gallop, and then people would starve.

The Indians therefore met in council to decide what to do. Among the crows, there was one huge one, twice as big as all the others, who was their leader. During the council, the old wise man stood up and suggested this:

"we must capture the great white raven and teach him a good lesson. We only have this solution, or we will continue to be hungry.

He took a large buffalo skin, whole, with head and horns, and placed it on the shoulders of a brave young man, saying:

"my nephew, slip into the buffalo. They will take you for one of their own, and so you will be able to capture the great white raven.

Thus disguised as a buffalo, the young Indian sneaked into the middle of the herd and pretended to graze. The large hirsute animals did not pay the slightest attention to him.

Then the hunters left their camp and followed him, with their bows all ready. As they approached the herd, the crows came, as usual, to prevent the buffalo:

"Croa, croa, croa, croa, dear cousins, the hunters come to kill you. Beware of their arrows. Croa, croa, croa, croa! ».

And, as usual, the buffalo ran away at a gallop........... All of them, except of course the young hunter under his shaggy skin, who was pretending to keep grazing.

The great white raven came to perch on the hunter's shoulders and flapping his wings, he said to him:

"Believe, believe, believe, believe, brother, are you deaf? The hunters are nearby, just across the hill. Run away! Run away! ».

gentle crow with hatBut, at that moment, the young hunter dropped his buffalo skin and grabbed the raven by the legs.

Then he took a skin tie, tied both legs together and tied the other end to a large stone. The raven struggled as much as he could, but in vain.

The Indians again held advice.

"What are we going to do with this dirty raven, who has starved us so many times?

I'm going to burn it! "cried an angry hunter. And before we could do anything, he tore the raven out of the young hunter's hands and plunged it into the fire of the council, with his stone and leather strap." That will teach you! "he said to her.

Of course, the bond that attached him to the stone burned completely almost immediately, and the raven managed to fly away. But it was a little rusty, and some of its feathers were charred. It was still as big as ever, but it was no longer white.

"Croa, croa, croa, croa! "he shouted as he flew away as fast as he could. "I will never do it again; I will never warn the buffalo again, I promise you, Croa croa croa croa! ».

That's how he managed to escape. But since then, all crows have been black.

Burnt Sioux Legend

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