France (Brittany: Rennes ): Le revenant de Chantepie
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France (Brittany: Rennes ): Le revenant de Chantepie

 Une lavandière pour le Revenant de ChantepieThere is a walk that the inhabitants of Rennes particularly like. It consists of going by road from Paris to Cesson, then returning to the small village of Chantepie, located on the road to La Guerche.

  However, when you go from Cesson to Chantepie, you will find on the side of the road, on the left, just before arriving at Cucé Castle, a pond topped by a wooden washhouse, three quarters of which has been destroyed. This puddle of water, covered with a thick layer of lenses, surrounded by trees and bushes, presents a gentle landscape that a Parisian artist has skilfully reproduced.

  One day while I was sitting at the edge of this pond, watching the water rats running in the rushes, I was called in the following way, by an old woman who was spinning her cattail while keeping her cow:

- You too have seen and heard it, no doubt.

- Who, my good wife?

- The unfortunate woman who, every night, comes here to wash her bed sheet.

- No, I don't; but I'd be happy to know his story?

So the old lady was asked, because the peasants don't like to talk when they are questioned. But I told her about her, I asked her about her children, about her sorrows - we all do, alas! - and I came back to the story of the pond that I finally made him tell.

- It is neither long nor cheerful, she said to me, as you will judge:


  In my youth, in the village of Chantepie, there was a greedy old woman who made her poor man work so hard and fed him so badly that the unfortunate man died in pain.

  When it had to be buried, she herself put it in the worn, wounded and dirty cloth on which the deceased had succumbed.

  The funeral was quickly done, and the old lady went home to start running again, not wanting to waste any time. Her only passion was to save a few coins on her food and her her herds, which she would pick up in a bottom hidden in the straw mattress of her bed.

  One evening, very late, as she was running to her window, in the moonlight, not to burn her rousin (candle), she began to tremble with all her limbs as she looked into the cemetery under her window, for you know that in Chantepie the cemetery surrounds the church, and the houses surround the cemetery. Oh, my goodness! What she had in front of her eyes was very frightening: she saw her little man coming out of the ground, where he had been buried, wrapped in his dirty, perforated sheet and heading towards his old cottage.

  She didn't have the strength to move, she was almost paralyzed.

  A sound of footsteps was heard on the steps of the stairs, the door opened and a skeleton approached her, who got rid of her sheet and threw it at her feet.

- You mean, greedy bitch! He cried out, "Here's your sheet. Your days will not be enough to repair it anymore, and your nights will be spent washing it in the Cucé pond.

  That said, he went back to the cemetery and went back to his grave.

  From that moment on, the widow spent her days filling the holes in the sheet, which was torn at night under the laundry woman's beaten cloth. She died a year later, on the very evening of the anniversary of her deceased man's visit; but she came back here every night to wash the dead man's shroud.

  The inhabitants of the village of La Ménouriais heard it very often, and so did I, sighed the old woman and made the sign of the cross.


Adolphe Orain

Tales of the Gallo Country, 1904

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