Perseus and Andromeda
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Perseus and Andromeda

Introduction :

      When I created my series of cabochon jewellery, I chose to use images of Steampunk cats with remarkable hats and glasses. Why would you ask me that? Well... watch the cats carefully! Look at their ability to fight the infinitely small, those threats that we poor humans do not even perceive! I am convinced that their eyes are equipped with filters that, depending on their needs, will either enlarge the elements or cat steampunk hatbreak the illusions! That explains the Steampunk glasses, doesn't it? In addition, cats have more than one trick in their bag to remember us.
Whether it's my adjustable "Cat with big glasses" rings, my hand set "Cat in hat" or my other Steampunk cat jewellery, they are a nod to the tremendous ability that cats have to anticipate dangers like no one else.

Have a good reading;)


The tale:


     She's in danger. I'm not going to sleep. All night long, I will watch over the bed where the sleep on the terrace, treacherously. Yes, treacherously! I never quite sleep. Look at my whiskers quivering, my claws, whose good working order I constantly check, testing the resistance of the cushions at the same time. It's because I'm preparing for a possible attack. I'm cunning, cat's honour. Here I am in a ball, I sleep, I sleep, I tell you, but if you knew how much I bust inside... At the slightest alert, I will spit, I will put myself in a circle arc, ready to defend it. Because she is without resources in the face of danger. Sleep takes him too far away, in a rustley and colourful land where his mind is never satisfied.

     Perched close to her face, I look at her, surprised, as she travels far from me. A smile illuminates his features. Can you believe it? How can we push unconsciousness to this point, when a monster holds you in chains and meditates on your loss a few meters away from you? Humans are sometimes inconsistent...

     What? What? What is it? What is it? A vibration that invades my whiskers warns me that the creature has just moved. My hair gets rough in waves, my mouth is already cracked, my canines shine, my claws come out one by one - plip plip plip plip plip plip - and ensure their grip in the quilt. Ah! I'm scary to see! Confirmed alert... It's moving out there. Nothing to do, I have to warn her. Let's put our claws in so as not to hurt her, let's kick her cheek with our paws, let's press the pink stamp of my nose on her forehead, let's meow in silence....

     That's it, she'll open her eyes... My God, she turns around without even waking up! But it's frightening to ignore the danger so much! And the creature who, in the dark, probably at this minute is making an evil plan to take her...

     I cannot remain inactive. Am I not here to look after her? Isn't it my property? If I can't wake her up, all I have to do now is attack. We must eliminate the monster. Forward! Forward!


     ... Easy to say, "eliminate the monster". Just thinking about it, my heroic cat's blood is freezing. It is not just any peril that lurks in the darkness of the room. Not a mouse that lets itself be chewed without protest. Not a dead leaf that you trample on and tear up. Not an insect that strikes and falls down on you in a swoop and is swallowed without judgment.

     It's much more serious than all this, believe me.

     The danger that threatens her - and that threatens me - is a monster of a particular kind. What do you humans call this?..... Mythological! That's the word. A mythological monster. Like on the old books she enjoys. An unnamed horror that opens and closes seven or eight gaping mouths, full of green, long, sharp teeth... How could it let such a monster into the house? I was out that morning, walking in the garden. Fatal error. When I came back from my outfit, I felt a disturbing presence. The thing was there, driven by aCrème alias Cream, my cat disgusting life. Too late... The creature held her under its spell...

     There's no need to repeat this episode. We are in the early hours of the night, at those moments when the human being is most helpless in the face of peril. "Negotium perambulans in tenebris", that's how the danger is described for you people. For me, there's no need to procrastinate. I'm attacking!

     I leave the soft bed, after having cast a last protective glance at the one who sleeps without worry. To think that some people doubt the loyalty of those of my race. Cruel injustice....

     Here I am on the carpet, quietly crawling towards the table where the monster awakens, probably alerted by some barbaric and unavowed sense. Ah! I see it, and this shapeless silhouette makes my cat's heart beat. Come on... this is no time to weaken. One moose, and I dive on the creature.

     I got him! I got him! My sharp claws tear the heads of the hydra, which snap upright, my teeth cut, cut, cut without respite, until the monster has expired. Whew! It's over. The beast has finished living. The peril is no longer. Let's go back to sleep in peace. Nice work. Nice work. She will never know, this reckless woman, from whom she escaped.


     When she woke up that morning, she screamed. She never understood why the cat had so barbarically damaged her magnificent carnivorous plant, a flycatcher dionée of which she was particularly proud.


A work of imagination
Tales and legends of the Cat by Robert de Laroche
Editions Ouest-France

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