The Birth of Aphrodite
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The Birth of Aphrodite

The creation :

I spent some time looking at my mother-of-pearl disc, wondering what story he wanted to tell. The fact that it is mother-of-pearl naturally led me to bring this beautiful piece closer to the legends of the SeI spent some time looking at my mother-of-pearl disc, wondering what story he wanted to tell. The fact that it is mother-of-pearl naturalmother of pearlsly led me to bring this beautiful piece closer to the legends of the Sea, and the gods know how many they are.

When I was interested in this beautiful mother-of-pearl, I was up to my neck in northern myths. But... none of the Viking gods suited me. The more I observed this disc, the more I damaged myself in the contemplation of this beautiful milky white, its iridescent reflections, its lightness. And little by little, a name came to my mind: but of course, why can't I think of it sooner? It is Aphrodite that this crystal meant, its beauty and its birth.

This is how my necklace "Abondance d'Aphrodite" was born. Now, I will tell you how the goddess herself was born

The tale :

It is said in ancient times that Kronos cut off the attribute of virility of his father Ouranos, in order to free Gaia from an unceasing embrace. The drops of blood that flowed from them were collected by Gaia, and when the time came, the fertile blood gave birth to the fearsome Erinyes, the enormous Giants covered in brilliant armor, carrying long spears in their hands, as well as the Nymphs who inhabited the immense earth and were called Mellies.

However, the divine debris that Kronos had thrown away, had fallen into the vast sea. For a long time they floated on its surface, and all around it a white foam rose, from which a young goddess was born.

Riding a conch, she was carried by the powerful breath of the wet Zephyr near Kythera, then to the shores of Cyprus. That was when we saw this charming goddess come out of the wave. The grass grew under his delicate feet. The gods and men call her Aphrodite, because she was born from the sea; Cythrea in the beautiful crown because she approached Kythera; Cypris, because she appeared for the first time on the shores of Cyprus; friend of pleasure, in memory of her origin.Naissance de Venus, A. Cabanel, 1863

The Hours in the Golden Diadem welcomed him with joy. They dressed her skin soft and white like milk in a light dress. On her divine head, whose hair was like a river of liquid gold, they placed a beautiful crown of finely chiseled gold. They put Oriharukon and precious gold flowers in his ears, in the holes of their lobes. They adorned her tender neck and her bright throat with these golden necklaces similar to those that Zeus' daughters adorned themselves with when they joined the charming choir of the Gods in their father's house. After dressing her body with all these ornaments, they taught her the art of seduction and then took her to the Immortals.

They welcomed her with joy and stretched out their hands towards her: each one of them wanted to make her his legitimate wife and take her to his house, so much they admired her beauty. Eros and the handsome Imeros (the Desir) always followed him.

From the beginning, it had the honour of presiding, through the choice of the Moire, over the interviews of the Virgins, smiles, seductions, sweet charm, tenderness and caresses among men and immortal Gods.

Aphrodite, by Zeus' decision, became Hephaestus' wife, but this is another story...

The epilogue:

There are other, very different stories about the birth of Aphrodite. I have told here one of the most famous, but if you want to know the others, don't hesitate to let me know.

See you soon for other legends

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