October. As the month unfolds, the boundary between the spirit and living worlds becomes more and more refined after the full moon and until the great day of celebration. It has been customary for some time now to tell each other frightening stories, safe by the fire, during this month. I will not deviate from the rule. So I present you with a first story to tell for the Halloween month. Read and shiver
As you now know, my creations are often accompanied by legends. I will look for these in the confines of the Internet or libraries. My creations are based on stories from all over the world. Today, however, I will tell the story of a French mermaid
Come and discover a Christmas story full of humour and originality. An unpublished text written by an adorable and surprising author: Séverine Rosaire
As you can see, I regularly give deities' names to my creations. The reason is simple, it is often the tales and legends that inspire me. Today, I will tell you about two births: that of the necklace of mother-of-pearl and macrame "the abundance of Aphrodite" and that of the goddess who inspired this creation.
Parce que nous aimons nous faire peur, et parce que la fête d'Halloween approche à grand pas, je vous invite à découvrir une petite histoire du pays gallo. Il ne fait jamais bon d'être trop près de ses sous au point de vouloir économiser sur tout même sur la mort. Vous ne me croyez pas ? lisez donc ce qui suit et apprenez
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