Pour la reprise des légendes, je vous invite à découvrir une histoire méso-américaine se nommant "les quatre soleils". Découvrez comment, selon les aztèques, le monde s'est construit, un soleil après l'autre.
It has been a while since I put dream catchers on my site. And... I only realize now that I've never told you about the legend! Well, that's corrected! There are many legends about the dream catcher. For my part, it is the Sioux Lakota woman who is speaking to me and it is the one I am going to tell you.
Why do Sioux tribes particularly like eagle feathers? You've never asked yourself the question? well, now you are. I invite you to come and discover the answer, it's all in a tale
Did you know that crows were not always black? Far from it, there would have been a time when they were all as white as snow. It was as punishment that their beautiful white feathers took on the color of the night. Come and discover this legend of the Sioux people that tells why crows became black.