By the way

Who is Lunesia ?

It's me, Cindy Druelle. Lunesia is the nickname I have chosen for myself for many years. He is my first name as a creative artist and also my pseudonym on the Internet, especially in many games (and playing is good;)).  

I define myself as a creative person at heart. As far as I can remember, I have always felt the need to create: drawing, painting, sculpture, jewellery... my hands had to bring something to life. When I don't create, I feel empty and incomplete. Who likes to feel that way? I definitely don't! So I decided to be full and complete and give free rein to my desire to create.

I am also a poetess of life.  I want to bring magic and poetry back into everyone's life. How? How? Well, it starts with the stories I tell you that inspire many of my creations. Then, by the fact that all my pieces are unique, because they are made to reveal the magic spark in you and to be a reflection of the individual you are.

So it was for you, but also for me (I won't hide my face) that I decided to take my courage with both hands and launch my brand. I want to share with you my dreams, my aspirations and above all show you that Slow Fashion is far from being devoid of humour and colour.

The Brand

Lunesia Creations is a brand that I want bold, humorous, and above all human and responsible. In my country, there is no large-scale creation. My jewellery is made in a single piece, with quality materials (gemstones, silver, gold filled), because they are made to follow you for a very long time. As for my paintings on textiles, they are only made to order. This allows me to adjust the colours according to your tastes, and not according to the dictates of a fashion subject to the over-consumption society. Moreover, I prefer eco-responsible and organic textiles, all the more reason to produce only on order when you want to adopt a more responsible approach, right?

Moreover, my love of nature and stones has led me to want to offer you jewellery, created around the energies of semi-precious stones filled with positivism, made to offer you protection and poetry.

When I created Lunesia Créations, I first thought about what we all want: to stand out from the crowd. We are often looking for this little something that will bring out our originality, creativity and colours. For these reasons, with the Lunesia Créations brand, you are assured of having:

  • Handcrafted products, sometimes similar, never identical, always made with love.
  • Paintings on textiles made by freehand on order.
  • T-shirts and silkscreened bags in small series with designs created by me.
  • Jewellery woven into unique designs.
  • Decorative objects that will not be made twice of the same

All my creations are created in my charming workshop in Brittany. What better place than a land of legends to offer you treasures to wear or to offer?

Witness testimonies

Dyan-Edam on A Little Market: The Zentangle lion bag was painted at my request and I would like to thank in particular the professionalism and quality of service of Lunesia creations for this magnificent realization... I love and recommend this designer!