"Marianne" Adjustable silver ring

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Silver and precious stones for a pretty ring: a beautiful Marianne with blue, white and red stones, fitting on all fingers.

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To you ladies who love pretty jewellery, silver and beautiful stones, I present you a ring that meets these three criteria at the same time!

It is an adjustable ring in 925 silver surmounted by two garnets, two lapis lazuli, four rock crystals including two cracked.

Lapis lazuli for blue: In ancient times, this stone was reduced to powder to create the ultramarine blue pigment. The lapis has been an eye-catcher since time immemorial, thanks to its beautiful deep blue and pyrite shards. Through the millennia, this stone has become THE stone par excellence, much more prized than gold or diamond. In Egypt and the Middle East, it evokes the Celestial vault and its supernatural forces. Until the middle of the 3rd millennium, lapis lazuli was considered to be the stone of the Gods, elites and princes. The lapis is a stone of spiritual elevation and creative expression.

Rock crystal for white: Rock crystal, which is part of the quartz family, is a healing stone par excellence. It is also a transmitter, receiver, transformer and energy amplifier. Its applications are multiple. Recommended in combination with other minerals to enhance their therapeutic properties. This stone is excellent for stimulating energy circulation and removing all blockages.

Pyrope garnet for red: The red of passion, vitality, physical and mental strength, harmony, courage and creativity. That's all that pyrope garnet represents, and many other things. It is an anchor stone, a precious stone that encourages its wearer to always go forward, to surpass himself and encourages self-improvement. Garnet increases pleasure and life force. Its name comes from the Greek Pyr which means fire (in the Middle Ages, this stone was called Charbon Ardent). It is not recommended to give it to angry people.

If you wish to use the stones for their virtues, you must proceed to a spiritual and physical purification, as well as to the energetic recharge of it.

Be careful, the use of stones does not replace the advice and follow-up of a doctor.